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Sauces, Pickles, Dressings and Dips

Delicious range of sauces, pickles and dressings

Available in 2.4 - 2.6 litre packs ideal for sandwiches, mixes or salads. All these sources can be heated in a bain marie.

- Barbecue [2.5ltr]
- Sweet chilli [2.5ltr]
- Sweet and sour [2.5ltr]
- Mexican [2.4ltr]
- Piri piri [2.6ltr]
- Honey and chilli [2.5ltr]
- Cajun [2.5ltr]
- Apple sauce [2.5ltr]
- Cranberry sauce [2.5ltr]
- Firecracker [2.6ltr]
- Caterers Choice ketchup [4.2ltr / case of 2]
- Caterers Choice brown sauce [4.2ltr / case of 2]

- Houmous [1kg]
- Houmous, sundried tomato and red onion [1kg]
- Moroccan houmous [1kg]
- Guacamole dip [1kg]
- Vegetarian tikka [1kg]
- Chargrilled vegetables in oil [1kg]

Pickles and Chutney
Ideal complement for sandwiches and salads.

- Sandwich pickle [2.5ltr]
- Mango chutney [2.8ltr]
- Tangy tomato chutney [2.6ltr]
- Chunky salsa [2.5ltr]
- Caramelised onion chutney [2.5ltr]

Ideal for salads or sandwiches.

- Honey and mustard [2.2ltr]
- Caesar dressing [2.1ltr]
- Yogurt and mint [2.2ltr]

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