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Continental and Sliced Meats

Ready sliced cooked and continental meats.

Continental Meats
We supply a range of wholesale salamis, black pudding and chorizo sticks. Also available in 500g packets.

- Danish salami [1.8kg]
- Pastrami
- Chorizo salami [1.6kg]
- Black pudding stick [1.36kg]

Sliced Meats
Our ready-sliced cooked meats are available in various pack sizes, perfect for quick and easy sandwich fillings. All slices are approximate and can vary per pack.

FREEFLOW PACKS (1kg, 500g)

- Directors' ham (1kg / 24 slices and 500g / 12 slices)
- Wiltshire ham (1kg / 24 slices and 500g / 12 slices)
- Farmhouse ham (1kg / 24 slices)
- Gammon ham (1kg / 24 slices)

- Pepperoni [1kg]
- Silverside of beef [500g / 15 slices]
- Turkey saddle [500g / 14 slices]
- Corned beef [500g / 14 slices]
- Pastrami [500g / 7 slices]


- Square ham [500g / 20 slices]
- Danish salami [500g / 25 slices]
- Cooked pork [500g / 8 slices]
- Chorizo [500g / 40 slices]
- Ham Ends


- Pulled pork [500gm]
- Pulled beef [500gm]

MEAT PIECES (free flow)
Ideal for wraps, quiches or pies

- Wiltshire ham [400gm]
- Turkey [400gm]

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