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Whole truckles, sliced, grated and continental cheeses.

Sliced cheese
Available in 1kg packs (40 slices), our ready-sliced cheeses are ideal for sandwiches and baguettes.

- Mild cheddar
- Mature cheddar
- Mozzarella (50 slices)
- Emmentale

Grated Cheese
Available in 2kg packs, grated cheese is ideal for sandwiches, baguettes and pizzas.

- K/P mild cheddar
- Mild cheddar
- K/P mature cheddar
- Mature cheddar
- Extra mature cheddar
- Pizza blend (70% mozzarella, 30% cheddar)
- Mozzarella
- Red Leicester
- Blue stilton crumb

Blocks of cheese
We supply full (approx 5kg) or half (approx 2.5kg) blocks of cheese, ideal for slicing.

- Mild cheddar
- Mature cheddar
- Maryland mature cheddar - sandwich size
- Longmans farmhouse mature cheddar - produced locally in Somerset
- Brockmoor mature cheddar - ideal for slicing
- Haystack tasty cheddar - produced locally in Somerset
- Smoked cheddar [1kg]

- Red Leicester [1/2 block, 2.5kg]
- Double Gloucester
- 1/4, 1/2 or whole Stilton first grade wheel (Tuxton & Tebbitt) [500gm, 1kg, 2kg]
- Mexican [half moon]

Continental Cheeses
A selection of fine cheeses from across Europe. Ideal for sandwiches and baguettes or cheese platters.

- Brie 60% [3kg round, 1kg round]
- Brie brick [rectangular, ideal for slicing]
- Paysan La Brique brie [900g round]
- Somerset brie [3kg, 1kg, round]

- Goats cheese log [1kg]
- Mozzarella [1kg]
- Jarlsberg [3kg]
- Emmentale [1.8kg]
- Greek-style Feta [900g, 400g]
- Halloumi [250g]
- Grana Padano [1kg]
- Kerrymaid Burger slices (112)

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