Our Products

Burgers and Sausages
Frozen burgers, sausages and cooked sausages.
Smooth yogurts and chilled puddings
Bacon and Gammon
Choose from our range of sizzling bacon and tasty gammons.
Soya and Flavoured Milk
Delicious soya milk and flavoured milks
A delicious range of baked savouries, produced locally.
Buckets of eggs including free range.
Whole truckles, sliced, grated and continental cheeses.
Canned Meats and Tinned Goods
A range of canned and tinned meats
Tuna, Prawns, Salmon
A wide range of dolphin-friendly tuna, prawns and salmon.
Cooked Meat Joints
Meat joints - choose from pork, ham, beef, and turkey joints.
Sauces, Pickles, Dressings and Dips
Delicious range of sauces, pickles and dressings
Continental and Sliced Meats
Ready sliced cooked and continental meats.